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Water For Injection Generation


Sprintek Technologies Pvt. Ltd.’s  WFI generation distillers meet global standards for performance, reliability, safety, and energy efficiency. Each system adheres to the latest cGMP and GAMP requirements. Our products are fully compatible with building management or 21 CFR Part 11 systems. Multi-column distillers range from 50 to 6,000 LPH capacity, with configurations featuring three to eight columns. Our Multiple Effect Distillers are meticulously engineered to produce Water for Injection (WFI) in accordance with pharmacopoeia standards. The system can simultaneously produce WFI and Pure Steam as needed.

  • Double tube sheet Sanitary heat exchangers
  • Zero dead leg design
  • Simultaneous Pure Steam and WFI generation
  • SS316L Construction
  • High quality Sterile water